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T-3 Guide

T-3 = Traps, Triggers, and Treasures.
The T-3 Guide includes special insights to design, design conflicts, traps of certain design types, triggers between design types, and beautiful enhancements between design types. In addition, this downloadable guide includes the following:

  1. Strategic People Development/Y•M•I Assessments White Paper Study
  2. Motivated Role construct definitions
  3. Impact Style construct definitions
  4. Impact Style Tweaks
  5. Temperament construct definitions 
  6.  Temperament Partnering Styles
  7. Temperament, Teamwork, and Communication
  8. Interests construct definitions
  9. Abilities construct definitions
  10. Values construct definitions

All of that and a sneak peek preview to the BrushFires Graduate Training Workbook. This guide will be indispensable as you begin to understand design. 

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