Graduate Refresher Package

Our Graduate Refresher Package is specifically designed for our graduates to keep their training fresh by having continued access to the BrushFires Digital WorkShop.  This package will give the Graduate another 2-month access to the WorkShop videos. This course contains all 8 sessions of the WorkShop:
• Identifying who you are as a child of God.
• Understanding the Purpose God has for you and… 
• How service is not a 4-letter word.  
• Plus much more.

This package also contains the teaching on your Y•M•I Assessment results for Motivated Role, Impact Style, Temperaments, and your Spiritual Gifts.

($28.00 for 2 months - Price includes all taxes and fees)
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Monthly Supporters Option

Unlock exclusive access to not just the BrushFires Digital WorkShop, including all 8 insightful sessions, but additional bonuses and resources for just $28/month.  Plus, you'll enjoy new features every month, such as additional licenses that you can share with friends and family, personal discounts for things like DDMs, and bonus materials like our invaluable T-3 Guide that deals with Traps, Triggers, & Treasures of design.  Empower yourself and others while supporting our mission to bring freedom and purpose to Believers worldwide. Subscribe now and start your journey to growth and transformation!

($28.00 per month - Price includes all taxes and fees)
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