Group Courses


Tuesday With Tamika

Listen in as Tamika and JR discuss walking in God's purpose for your life. In this podcast, we discuss the steps you can take to identify and walk in your purpose. 

Marriage Enrichment- The Bakers

JR talks with Charlotte and Darryl Baker about the history of the BrushFires Ministry, the importance of the Christian pursuing their God-given purpose to achieve fulfillment, and how to live out their life with joy.

Megan Zucaro and Doug Plank

JR talks with Megan and Doug about the details of design and how it works between individuals to join them together or to create division.

It's The Love Of God For Me

Lenesher and JR discuss dealing with church hurt and walking in God's purpose for your life. God never gives up on His children and will speak to you through dreams, promptings, and His word. 

Coming Soon

The next podcast is coming soon.
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